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  • Hurricane Report

    Hurricane Report 8.28.2011

    submitted by Jonathan L. A. Jones, Executive Vice President/COO Haven Harbour Marina, LLC


    With the experience of Hurricane Isabel in September 2003 still fresh on our minds, the staff at Haven Harbour was well prepared for what ever Mother Nature would dish out. We have always been very proud of our staff and their level of dedication during these storms. During Hurricane Isabell we hauled out 83 boats in two days, dealt with an 8' tidal storm surge which put the marina under 4' of water, and with our staff on duty around the clock for two days, we are very proud of the fact that we had no boats damaged.

    Once again our veteran management team met and revised our Hurricane Preparedness Plans. We had no less than 6 individuals on premises at all times during the worst part of the storm. Of our 210 sliprenters we hauled 97 boats in two days. We were able to haul everyone that wanted to come out. Most insurance companies participate in the cost of this haul out and blocking as statistically boats are safer on land. This helped ease the decision to haul out for some. "Fortunately the Haven off of Swan Creek is a natural hurricane hole" explained Mark Bryden, Customer Service Manager, "but any time you have a steady 45 mph wind speed with gusts to over 65 mph you can have a lot of damage to boats if they are not tended to constantly as tides and wind directions change". Several customers stayed on board their boats to help protect them from the storm. Several of them commented on how difficult it must have been to be constantly adjusting docklines with over 9" of stinging rain hitting you in the face. Our sliprenters and customers recognized that the service crew and dock crew were the real heros. Service Manager Woody Loller and Customer Service Manager Mark Bryden both worked double shifts. The boats on land required constant checking of the stands, while those in the water also required adjustment. Woody and Mark both commented "If we had not hauled out nearly 100 boats we would have had a much more difficult time keeping the wet stored boats away from the docks". "One team would check the boats in the water and the other team would check the boats on land", Loller commented. The service and dedication of our team is what makes our marina truly full service. It's not just a beautiful resort marina with two pools, and a staff of nearly 50 individuals, offering all yacht repair disciplines under one roof, we're much more than that.

    Having your boat looked at every day and vessel storm checks at no additional cost are only a few of the value added "extras" that make Haven Harbour such a popular yachting center.

    If you would like to tell a friend about Haven Harbour and convince them to come try one of our slips, we will be happy to reward you with a $250 work order credit "Thank you".

    I also would like to say a special "thank you" to all those staff members who worked so hard to keep our facility and customers' boats safe and especially to those who worked extra hours and through the night: Woody Loller, Mark Bryden, Dottie Wetmore, Mike Murn, Hal Hopkins, Walter Elburn, Shane Wetmore, Bonnie Bliss, Chris Kemp, Mike Stevens, Ricky Nordhoff, Bill Neff, Toby Perry, Gus Kenner, David Nordhoff, Joe Collazo, Tony Brilz, Mark Walls, Sam Perry, Joseph Ashley and Zack Thompson.

    Jonathan L. A. Jones
    Executive Vice President/COO
    Haven Harbour Marina, LLC
    A National Marina of the Year
    20880 Rock Hall Avenue
    Rock Hall, MD 21661
    (800) 506-6697